DIY Taggie Blanket

I have a little niece and she loves her taggie blankets (yes plural) but she calls them her B’s. However, being her biased Aunt, I think it’s the cutest thing ever. After making several taggie blankets for her, my other nieces, and multiple baby showers I’ve attended, I think I have finally mastered constructing B’s. Surprisingly, they are actually pretty simple to make.


  • 2 17″ or 1/2 yard squares of fabric
  • 32 4″ pieces of varying sizes of ribbon
  • basic sewing supplies: thread, scissors, sewing machine (duh)

Have I mentioned I like working with bright colors? For the taggie blankets, I enjoy the bright, soft mink fabric. An extra bonus is the fabric with dimples or texture. When choosing my ribbon fabric, I try to pick contrasting colors and different material.

Step 1

Iron all your ribbon pieces folded in half, I find it makes them easier to work with. Once you have all your ribbon pieces ironed, start with one fabric square, face side up. Pin 8 ribbon on each side of the square. Thinking opposite of what a taggie would look like, pin with ribbon ends on the outside and folded half on the inside of the square (refer to picture below). I actually eyeball the space between each ribbon and corner. Beware, I have found that you don’t want to place the ribbon too close to the corner. Otherwise, I accidentally end up sewing the ribbon into my blanket, trust me, it’s not a good look. After pinning all the ribbons to each side, sew them in place about a 1/4″ in.

Step 2

Grab the other square of fabric and place it face side down. Pin it to the adjacent square face side up with ribbons on the inside. Both correct side of fabric facing each other. Sew the blankets together about a 1/2″ from the edge. Leave a gap at your start and end to flip the blanket inside out.


Step 3

Turn the blanket inside out using the gap you left in step two. Pin the gap together and use your iron for the blanket hem. I find ironing helps me sew my edges together for a sharper look. Sew a top stitch around the blanket to close the gap and secure your ribbons in place. Wa la, you have made a B for that special little one.