Short Girl Problems

I’m 5’2″. That means it’s impossible to find a pair of jeans that are the perfect length for me. When I try on jeans in the store, the jeans are so long it looks like I have those scuba dive fins on my feet. Occasionally, I get lucky and find a pair in my size with the appropriate length. This is such a rare occurrence that I usually have to buy jeans that are too long and wear them rolled at the bottom…and sometimes I look really lame when I do this. Thanks to lovely pinterest, I have found an easy way to help my short girl problems.


Using the original hem, I was able to solve my awkward jean roll. I did this to two pairs of jeans and saved my favorite pair of jeans for last, knowing I would probably fail on my first attempt.



Navy thread


4 pins

Tape measure



Step 1 – Finding the Length

Finding the appropriate length depends on the style of the jeans and personal preference. I was hemming straight jeans and wanted them about lower ankle height. If you’re a short girl like me, you should be a pro at rolling your jeans, eyeball it on one side and roll. The original hem should be slightly above your desired length. I used a pin to secure the roll in place and did the dance to get my jeans off. I used a tape measure to get an exact measurement and proceeded to pin my back hem and the other leg (front and back).



Step 2 – Commitment

I used a navy thread to blend with the denim fabric. I started sewing as close to the original hem as possible. I also advise to start on a side hem and try to keep your original hem straight.

Truth moment – I feel like sewing tutorials have to have step-by-step instructions, otherwise I will find a way to mess it up. Not realizing what I was doing on my first attempt, I actually sewed my pant leg shut. After realizing what I did, I proceeded to rip out my thread and start over, meanwhile laughing at myself. The picture below showing the correct way, sew one side at a time and not together.



Step 3 – Use Your Scissors

Go back to when we learned how to use scissors in kindergarten and cut the excess fabric leaving about a centimeter near the original hem. Fold the original hem down and use your iron to ensure it stays down.


Presto! You should now have perfect height jeans.